Monthly Archives: August 2014

research for style

Searching for that elusive style, that I’ve been homing in on for ages. I’m getting that close I think it’s a matter of just doing it, with lots of drawing white on black paper. Really going back to my roots and very excited about that. It will mean being on my own out on that limb. But after a reminder that I’m getting older it’s a matter of go for it while you can.
I’ve posted examples of a few of my strongest influences, any suggestions of artists to research are welcome. I have old drawings I was experimenting with, ariel in mind. (in the kiln?)

Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Richard III,.Shakespeare Centre, England. by John Hutton finished 1964.
About life size, some deep grinding, some light surface detail, polishing depending on character.

Orrefors, designed by Simon Gate, 1927. The figure design very much dictated by the wheel, in size and roundish shape. Matched print and painting of the time.

jiri harcuba-frank kafka
Frank Kafka, 1985, diam. 17 cm, by Jiri Harcuba. A most amazing portrait style by an admirer of Dominik Bieman. Suggesting personality and it moves between “cutting” and “engraving” definitions.

The Sacrifice, 1923 by Kathe Kollwitz. Woodblock print. A very emotive artist who used black and white in an incredibly strong way. Her social commentary is something else I relate to very strongly.

Drawings by Thomas Hart Benton, 1931, of out back country musicians. He invoked incredibly strong personality and emotion in his subjects that I see more in his drawings than paintings. His strong use of light and dark is more evident in drawings, though he used clay models and strong direct lighting to get a fully modeled form, Michaelangelo like. His undervalued theories on composition are also interesting and useful.

politics in bronze

SDSC_0059 - Copy
The bronze effort is all together and cleaned up. Thanks to Johns patience and welding skills. Highest 25 cm. Great stuff to do, and I’m evaluating what to do better next time. Maybe a glass and bronze, if I can find the time and the glass.
A bit of a social observation. I was going to call it “lifters and leaners” but I think that dialogue is too loaded so it’s “us and them.” A shocking judgement of a society that takes us back to the dark animal days.