Monthly Archives: February 2015

NEXT STONE, a fruit bowl?

Me and the team get ready for a bigger Mt Speed Siltstone carving. This piece is fairly easy to work, fine enough to polish with files and wet and dry paper. When wet is shows the colour after polishing, a nice warm honey brown. Thinking of calling it “fruitful” if I’m not game to say “fecundity”.


After about half a day. Used the angle grinder with a diamond saw blade then a diamond cup. (easy Bunnings stuff) Made lots of dust so I had a mask and face shield. Even cut some of the centre with the saw then knocked it out with an old wood chisel. Learning to use the chisel which is quicker than a rasp of course but you have to be careful and think. And take your time, gentle does it.


Another half days work. Lots of time with the chisel and rasp. Quite hypnotic, and I relate to the hand contact and direct creative feel. Holding back a bit so I can take of more if I need, knowing I can’t put any back. I get covered with dust and chips, nearly as much as with the grinder. Will need to take more off the outside but I can work more inside first on the figures, using pencil etc to get the shape I want. Probably take the bowl lot deeper, rounded to a bowl shape. There’s a dark layer about there which I could work in beautifully.