Monthly Archives: May 2016



What a laugh. It looks a bit like a picture in the engravers bible. Persistence. I’m not spending as much time as I should, but getting right into it.  Feeling nearly comfortable with some wheels and have to work very hard to smarten up the edges. The flat strap wheel gives me hell. I’m adopting the idea that if I put in enough time, it will just miraculously come under control. The working method differs so much from drills that I’m taking a while to adapt. Many times I had to resist temptation to just move along a bench and tidy it up with a drill.


It’s a long time since I worked in clear, and working all sides has it’s challenges.


Tried a copy of a T.H.Benton drawing that I like. A long way to go but I’m starting to get an idea of the type of figure work I want to do, eventually.DSC_s0013

Thanks to Jim Riser I’ve had a try at setting up stone wheels. I think these were from a blade sharpener. Not to be taken too seriously at this stage.