Monthly Archives: May 2019


An exhibition on the theme, from a potter, water colorist, wood carver and a glass engraver. This is exciting, and the first time I’ve had work out in a long time. It will be the opening exhibition in a group studio I’m working with.DSC_0355


My favorite at the moment. Took a while to get the heads turned just enough to look like they’re talking.


I bought a mini merker as it’s called, a few year ago, and have been working at using it. Different from the drill that I’ve used for many years. A huge amount of practice needed and then there’s the style I want to use it for. I’m basically a figurative narrative artist, and there are many ways to define a figure, usually influenced by the tools.DSC_0037

Donation for a service club raising money for the fire brigade.DSC_0341

A retirement presentation. Putting letters within a flower design worked out well.DSC_0343