Monthly Archives: November 2015

Practice time again.

Many years ago I experimented making a design that was cut in vinyl multiples by a signwriter. Sandblasted then finished of with the drill. I’ve dragged the leftovers out as a practice for the new lathe. Lots of practice needed, but the cuts are smooth and if I can get there I’m going to love this tool. Cost so much to get it to Australia I should too.

December nearly here so I will drag out the old Christmas work picture. Memories of 15 year ago.



The dove is never free.

“Ah the wars they will be fought again,

the holy dove she will be caught again

bought and sold and bought again,

the dove is never free.”

Anthem.  Leonard Cohen.


Old coffee table top,1metre. I need big scraps to see what I can do with this tool and I don’t know what the postie will think.