Monthly Archives: March 2017


Experiments using float glass. Quite a distraction I didn’t need to have. I occasionally get the urge to try something that may fit in easier locally. That means cheap enough for a market, and with some romantic Joseph Beuys type of story. Wrong on both counts. Market buyers buy from friends not for the piece, and the story depends on creating a coterie of friends. I’m not that type of person, and the necessary networking doesn’t suit my personality.  Maybe I’m on the fashionable autism spectrum.


Testing temperatures. Too low at fusing, too fast for slumping.


Second.  Clear side up at fuse, tin side up at slump created that aweful scum look.  Getting the low frequency UV light maybe a major hassle. Do I really want to stuff around with this.


Playing with metallic garden sprays etc to stain after sandblasting.  Found a supplier of metal treatments available that may work. Seems like I’m trying to reinvent the wheel.