THE LOCKED HOUSE. very sad because a house is really a home, not just an investment.



THE BLUES. I love music although I don’t play anymore.  Music means a lot to young people, particularly young men, in many different ways.


LOCKED.  Says it all really.DSC_0336


FATHERHOOD. Lots of different interpretations for different people. It’s finished at a time of very depressing news reports, fatherhood is different to paternity.DSC_0306

TIME.  Take it as you like. I made the clock and then the figure took ages. Somehow I prefer the rough cut of these carvings and don’t want to smooth and polish these.DSC_0299

FAMILY TREE. The pressure of a family tree can sometimes be unbearable.


My favorite at present. For the young men who die feeling indestructible on the road.

INDESTRUCTABLE MALE.      Yes the electronic key is shaped like a coffin.DSC_0248LOCKER ROOM Makes a man cringe.

The knotted straps are for the group pressure in this environment.


I need a better photo, and maybe a recast.(mold is fine) This is for “beyond blue” or similar org. Also for the refugee cause I get reminded about by the wonderful Pat Waters who still believes in art for issues.


First one done. Used stainless steel in the centre of the mold, for the handle hole. The base/book is carved siltstone. Handle , carved pine, stained varnished.



Next stage in the “touched” theme involves casting. Will become more obvious later. The subjects I chose revolved around a loose theme of “masculinity” although they could relate to everyone.

My lack of experience shows. I made terra cotta models, wrapped in clay, but had to sit them in sand to hold up after I took the model out.  Hoping to use the clay molds more than once. The details in the key needed a plaster mold. Back to the books so we’ll see what turns out.

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