TOUCHED. 2018.


I took a carafe blown by Philp Stokes  with an engraved inscription, to display at Segue Stratford. I remember the other carafes and goblets that have had a personal connection to people. I love using them, with a smile, for the personal touch or connection myself. I found 5 goblets in an opp. shop that seemed to beg for inscriptions, and they also had a weighty balance, instinctive smooth know, and a size of dignified importance. Anyone who sees them wants to hold them, in an exploratory conversational way. To be touched in all ways. They have Leonard Cohen quotes.

BEING TOUCHED is all about connection. A physical connection, or an emotional connection that has an emotional reaction. There has to be a sharing of values, history, narrative. A certain amount of physical touching reinforces that emotional connection. Reassuring what you visually see as real. (not virtual reality) Reassuring connections as an animal may howl, sniff or touch.

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