Experiments using float glass. Quite a distraction I didn’t need to have. I occasionally get the urge to try something that may fit in easier locally. That means cheap enough for a market, and with some romantic Joseph Beuys type of story. Wrong on both counts. Market buyers buy from friends not for the piece, and the story depends on creating a coterie of friends. I’m not that type of person, and the necessary networking doesn’t suit my personality.  Maybe I’m on the fashionable autism spectrum.


Testing temperatures. Too low at fusing, too fast for slumping.


Second.  Clear side up at fuse, tin side up at slump created that aweful scum look.  Getting the low frequency UV light maybe a major hassle. Do I really want to stuff around with this.


Playing with metallic garden sprays etc to stain after sandblasting.  Found a supplier of metal treatments available that may work. Seems like I’m trying to reinvent the wheel.


  1. I really like working with plate, not the least for the recycling aspect. But you have to be able to embrace the Wabi-sabi, for sure…

    1. I like the recycle aspect too. Do you use a UV light. I found them hard to get, and crap without one. I’m not sure about getting into the local aesthetics, which really revolve around your network of admirers. Cheap as doesn’t do it for me either.

      1. Not sure what you mean by ‘getting into the local aesthetics/revolve around network of admirers.’ I do actually have a UV light – I use it for my uranium glass pieces – can’t remember where I got it (a lighting shop, I’m guessing, over 10 years ago…)

  2. Most of the art around here, grew from Churchill, Gippsland Center for Art and Design. Quite a few glassies started here in it’s heyday, but it lost it . Galleries, tafe and school teachers form a VERY strong network of original alumni. Joseph Beuys fans, everybody is an artist and it’s all about the artists experience, which needs a group of people believing you. I lean to visual arts with communication, the same as other art forms. Quite a strong divide here now, between the old order of institutions and funding, and the actual makers of art. Also a new head at Churchill, now Federation University. Heavy into performance and new technology. I don’t know where visual art is going to fit in. I really wanted to get to Uni. but had health prob’s and Deakin Melb. was too far.He wants to open it wide open with the community. Young, bright, gay, easy to talk to, I hope he can do it. They’re spending about $14. mill. on reno. gallery, library and tourist info centre in Sale,(in one building) and over a mill. at Latrobe gallery. Morwell.Going to be fun to watch.

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