SAT 8 & MON.    10  OCT.  10 to 5 .    If you’re car pooling from a distance call me about Sunday if  you like.

13 CHERRY PLACE.  SALE.            04099 951634

Some samples of the works I do , techniques not usually done in Australia. Equipment will be on display and explanations available for anyone interested.


GRAAL Blown by Philip Stokes.




FLASHED Blown by Philip Stokes.


2 thoughts on “OPEN STUDIO DAYS.

  1. What a dead loss. One artist from down the highway. Monash Caulfield glass graduate now doing fabrics loved the work. 2 neighbours on the way to community house dropped by. That was it. One local very interested but away. It’s very tribal in Gippsland, and Sale is a cultural wasteland. I’ll keep out of glass in Melbourne, it’s worse. I’ve spent 3.5 grand on wiring, so I’ll get on for my own sake. May head for “craft membership” of the guild which will allow me to exhibit with them in Europe.

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