What happens in my front yard.

That nutter on the corner is at it again, as the neighbours say. I made an angel out of fruit tree prunings, last year it was a Halloween witch. Thinking about people who need angels I used scrap glass to practice my lathe work. A long way to go so don’t look too hard. Just experimenting on the style of figure work I want to aim for, so I let loose. Getting ideas of what I want to do even if I can’t do it yet.

The 4 pieces are about 30 cm square, figures lathe carved and the symbols sandblasted.

I won’t label them, because there can be different interpretations.


2 thoughts on “What happens in my front yard.

  1. Hey Pete, have been so blinkered by the workshop that I’ve not been around the traps (disgraceful self-involvement!!), so have only just seen these posts. Looks like you’re getting well acquainted with your new BBF (the lathe.) Lovely.

  2. It’s a challenge. A completely diff. mindset. Not just moving the glass instead of the tool. Using a bit bigger wheels you think in blocks like using a crayon on its side instead of a pencil. More in tune with a style I want, german expressionist sculpture so I’m persisting. Great engraver/teacher coming to ausglass conference, but my history with Canberra means I’ll be staying clear.

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