The dove is never free.

“Ah the wars they will be fought again,

the holy dove she will be caught again

bought and sold and bought again,

the dove is never free.”

Anthem.  Leonard Cohen.


Old coffee table top,1metre. I need big scraps to see what I can do with this tool and I don’t know what the postie will think.



3 thoughts on “The dove is never free.

  1. It’s a wet air polisher, shinano, I got from stone masons supplier.They have a great catalogue too. Air power, water feed through the centre and velco diamond pads, 100,200,400,800. I want the 40 because it will sparkle/kick ass more on dark glass. Hisglassworks had an attachment for diam. wheels which would be wild. Just taskes engraving somewhere else and I need practice to free it up. Could mix with sandblasting. Have you seen John Huttons works. Balancing small with practice on the merker lathe.

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