Mixed media, mixed mythology and I guess mixed message. Because the kiln isn’t wired I was using what I had, and I’m learning about the stone. Putting the two together is another story altogether.
All ready to wax the stone, trying a bees wax furniture polish. Pre warmed the stone.
A lot of the cream taken away. At this point I’ll start on the figure which will be 3d as well as shaded. From the back the outline in silhouette style is clearly visible. The colours match the stone fairly well.
Starting to cut away the cream layer to reveal the blue underneath. It’s fairly thick, about 3 mm, so it is reeally a cameo in the relief carving style.
The piece of glass that will finally fit into the groove shown in the plasticine model. It is fused cream opaque over transparent steel blue. Because the kiln isn’t wired I’m using what I have available.
Getting into it. Some of the deeper internal type areas were cut in with tungsten carbide burrs in the Foredom flexdrive. Still fairly slow and very messy. Cuts OK with a chisel though I’m scared of breaking it along its natural split lines. Rasps work fine but slow and my shoulders ache, files smooth it beautifully. I carve in a “direct” style, working some of it out as I go. Following natural character of the stone.
The stone. Siltstone again. Silver grey that will darken when polished and sealed. About 20 cms tall. Some rough cutting with a diamond saw and roughing with diamond sanding discs. A hell of a lot of dust and I wear a mask and face shield. Not good for clothes lines, the car or neighbours.
First stage. Although ideas can be drawn I find a 3d play easier. I think a fair bit with my hands and the light effect are better sorted this way. Plasticine is terrific.


  1. Hello Peter.. met you ate John Frayne’s studio.. Celtic Silver Jewelry and my dragons.. what amazing work you do yourself.. you need a better business card.. it is way too modest.. cheers Janette

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