A very quiet and meditative method of glass engraving that suits some people at some times. There is no rush or you stuff it, and finished you are exhausted in a relaxed way. I really love the lightness of touch on the glass, a mystical mysterious experience only for those quiet enough to enjoy it.
The orchid on a wine goblet engraved above. Very difficult to photograph because of reflections. It is a very subtle method of working.
“Gums” crystal flute that was a melbourne market product from 1997. Great way to practice drill skills. Diamond and small stone burrs, stamens diamond point.


  1. hi there, unfortunately I couldn’t make your workshops at the gallery, I wanted to ask you what your engraving method is. I am wanting to engrave emu’s eggs and the idea of a method that is quiet is very appealing! Might your technique be good for emu’s eggs do you think? Kind regards, Clare.

    1. Hi Clare. The tool I use in this method is the small “pin vice” you can see in the picture, about the size of a short pencil. It holds a small diamond plated “burr” as in the picture. This allows me to very lightly scratch the glass surface to build up a design slightly whiter than the glass. I haven’t tried emu eggs but I believe you need to take some of the top surface away to expose the under colour. This is more like the “cameo” carving for which I use a flexible shaft drill and shown on my web site. http://www.petercummings.com.au/techniques I recommend the “foredom” which is listed under “glass resources” again on my web site. More expensive a bit noisy and dusty. I may be doing more workshops in the area and will let you know when and where so you may consider another try.
      Thanks for your interest. Peter.

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