The work table ready for a new adventure. I’ve thought about printmaking from glass plates for a long time. Tried a few basic experiments over the last few years and got together basic equipment.
Using a pin press and diamond burr I’m using the point or line technique made popular in Britain in a revival of glass engraving based around the Guild of Glass Engravers. I’m using a solid little easel type, head magnifieers,and black cloth under so I can see the work. There’s reference print books as well as a chinese painting book that I copied the image from. It’s hard to get a good work light, essential, so I have a shed light, 100w, that is clamped to a camera tripod until I make a proper stand for it.
The plate looks terrific. I really enjoyed this part of it, slow and meditative, and I love the play of light on clear glass. If I want to I can use the drill to make up solid dark blocks.
The plate inked up. Now you can see the dark that before was light. Surprising how much detail is picked out by the ink.
My print. A hell of a mess, and I hated working with the ink. Thinned it down with plate ink, soaked the paper, and used a speedball hand barren thing. Over all I think the paper is too coarse and I need a press for the fine line type. Like an etching. Maybe a sharper darker ink, not a soft black. I’m really not sure I want to do this, just to prove it can be done. Maybe if I read up a bit more and go for a broader style that will hand print better I can have another go later.

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