DIONYSUS the wine god.

Finished, as well as it is going to be. Lots of learning about the stone in this one. I like the end figure, has a certain character I was aiming for, and not the full realism. A coat of tile sealer, but I wouldn’t leave it outside. About 17 cm diam. and 30 cm tall.

Tungsten carbide burrs in the flex shaft (foredom) were needed as the stone waas resistant to the rasp and a file was only good for a final smoothing. Very dusty work and I kept a nuisance mask on. Using water made twice the mess, and I’m unsure of the absorbancy of the stone.
Another piece of Mt Speed siltstone. A bit harder than I first thought. Used the angle grindern with a diamond cup grinder then diamond cutting wheels at first to get some bulk away. Good old bunnings. It takes some imagination to see what the result will be, and with direct carving there will always be changes as you go along.

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