BACCHANALIA playful experiments

Finished with 2 coats of slate sealer. A bit of a mess actually, but I’m glad I did it, just for what I found out about it all. Too soft actually and to prove it,there grew a large crack all around the mid layer of white in the base.So it can’t go out, and I have to decide wether to just smash it, or try for a clean break that would leave a shallow but OK base.(doubtful) Maybe just leave it sitting in a corner of the fernery.
Tracing paper to get it precise. Drawing of white on black. After a week of practicing deeper intaglio which I haven’t done for 20 years, I found it didn’t stand out clear enough. So I reverted to surface “drawing” with plenty of dark contrast.
A found junk shop bowl, and plastecine to practise I find easier than just drawing. There is a lot of cutting down from the top which broke my first effort.
Using some of the cameo carving practise I carved grapes in red and white, leaves in grey. The stone was very soft from decomposing by the weather, I think. Too crumbly at times but as an experiment I went ahead.
This rock showed several layers (striations) and seemed easy to carve with a rasp, file or knife.

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