getting onto serious sculpture


The engraving bench is handy, catches the slurry that flies everywhere. Dust is chaotic so I work outside.
Some sort of sandstone I found. Very hard. I’ve used the diamond saw to cut ridges then knocked them off. A diamond pad in the air angle grinder with some water running on it, got the base fairly flat. A brickies chisel that’s gone blunt quickly and some cold chisels. I need a good stone masons “point” chisel, and maybe a set actually.
I found a very good book, “contemporary stone carving” at the morwell library which I borrowed and ordered online.
A broken marble slab, that’s begging to be carved into a chinese style bi disc.(maybe pi, I’ll check)
I’m looking foreward to this, some diamond saw work, but mostly rasp, files, and gritpaper. I love the hands feeling the way.

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