The boab or bottle tree. If I had put it in water first I would have seen how the fault line stood out, and adjusted. I enjoyed working 3d and with hand tools more than electric, though both were used here. Going to try sandstone and a marble benchtop next
Sanding the soapstone down didn’t take too long. 180, 360, & 600.

4 thoughts on “BOAB TREE.

    1. Thanks, I’m stretching and love stone. Always been directed to social realism and commentary. So I have to really break with the studio glass group. Thinking 1 organic, towards Galle. 2 mixed media and forms ,? sculptural.

      1. Well, maybe you can rest the hot glass and think about casting. It’d be a complicated mold (lotsa undercuts) but could be really interesting in window glass (which goes to an alabaster look, or jade, depending on the colour of the glass.) Easier in stone of course – and then that’s your primary object, from which you could make a limited glass edition. But hey, it’s perfectly acceptable to break with glass altogether…obviously! Just that glass is so much more than the hotshop…

  1. “Just that glass is so much more than the hotshop…” exactly. I’d still like to push engraving, so much hasn’t been touched on. But it’s a bit like pushing ”it uphill in Australia. Got some bits today for an experiment that way.

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